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Virtual Data Room Reviews

Virtual Data Room Reviews

If you run a business and you have a virtual data room is essential. This will save you the time and cash. It will also keep your data safe. This can also help in keeping the track of your financials so you can make sure you are on track with your goals.


iDeals is one of the pioneers to provide virtual data rooms. Its safe and easy-to-use interface online makes it simple to share confidential documents. The features it offers include flexibility for user management, granular access rights, as well as a full audit trail. It also has an online Help Centre with videos tutorials as well as FAQs. To test the features, you can get the trial version free of charge.

The Virtual Data Room of iDeals is a an excellent interface to visualize documents. It is possible to set up and monitor the Q&A tool and set filters, keywords and limitations. iDeals includes redaction tools that allow users to remove sensitive material, such as text, images, or videos. The system also has Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to assist users find documents. The system is also designed to automatically translate documents to 90 different languages.

iDeals is also extremely affordable. Its VDR plan provides unlimited admins as well as a large amount of storage. Additionally, there are a number of choices for branding. You can also log in securely to the website. It offers up to 1TB of storage space. It also comes with full API capabilities. External auditors frequently check its security software.data rooms It also meets EU-US Privacy Shield requirements.

Customer service is top-notch. The support team is available via phone, email, or on-app chat anytime. The company provides support to customers in twelve languages, which includes English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

iDeals provides secure shredding remotely. iDeals employs an OCR engine that converts files automatically to PDF files. It also features fencing view that acts as a physical barrier between users and documents.

Its security features comprise granular access rights as well as two-step authentication. a full audit trail. Also, it provides protection from attack on the screen and camera.


Intralinks provides reliable content sharing options, regardless of whether you’re involved in M&A deals and fundraising efforts or you just want to keep your documents secure. Intralinks has a wide range of tools that will aid in closing deals.

The AI powered Redaction technology is one of their most popular features. It identifies and protects your personal information. They also have one of their features, that is called”the Insights Dashboard, which offers sophisticated user tracking as well as document monitoring.

Secure data space is ideal for protecting documents from business which are essential to mission. Additionally, they have an app for mobile devices that lets users to share files from anywhere.

The Insights Dashboard has a lot to offer, such as actionable activity metrics and visually appealing graphics. The dashboard can be used to analyze trends on a group basis. The software also has numerous features that include an intuitive interface, and an uncluttered design.

Intralinks is ideal for large businesses, providing an secure way to handle sensitive documents. It helps streamline due diligence. The offices are located in many cities which include San Francisco and Asia Pacific and Latin America and Sao Paulo.

Intralinks is one of the most reliable names in VDR software. They’ve been in the game for over 20 years. There are offices located in San Francisco and Singapore as and European office. They are available to answer any questions that you may have. They also provide a free demo.

Intralinks’ most impressive feature is the AI-powered Redaction technology. This technology identifies and protects the personal data you provide. It also offers document and user tracking capabilities.


Brainloop was created in 2000 and offers businesses an array of collaborative options. These include a virtual data room, secure digital document management, a collaboration tool as well as a safe portfolio.

Brainloop is a Brainloop virtual data room has been used in numerous industries, including the property industry, call for tenders and M&A. It is important for businesses who require security for confidential documents. This can help optimize the financial flow of a company.

Brainloop is a software firm located within Munich, Germany and Switzerland. The company offers a wide range of solutions and products to businesses of all sizes.

The Brainloop virtual data room allows for users to share files without being restricted by the firewall. Additionally, it allows companies to protect the research and development process. Brainloop’s secure document management solutions will also protect confidential information in collaboration with internal projects.

Brainloop was created by Uli Mitchell and offers various solutions and tools to ensure secure collaboration to business. Customers can avail a 30-day free trial. It is possible to choose between a web-based data room or mobile application.

The Brainloop virtual data room offers a range of features, such as automatic synchronization, the ability to trace documents and provide operator protection. The room is customizable to meet your security requirements. Based on the requirements of your room it is possible to select the dynamic watermarking feature, group-based permission settings or expiration of access.

The Brainloop client is a streamlined program that lets users view, move and share files. Additionally, you can encrypt the downloaded files. You can also create links to share the files. Furthermore, it lets users do the deletion, uploading, and looking for the files.

Brainloop BoardRoom allows users to connect to data on their mobile phones via a web application. The application also allows users to make comments, and also approve resolutions online. Additionally, the application automatically generates board meeting folders.


CapLinked was founded in 2010 , and provides secure virtual data rooms as well as various options for difficult business transactions. CapLinked is located in Los Angeles, California, US as well as branches in South Africa, UAE, and India. CapLinked offers a range of solutions to businesses that participate in M&A as well as fundraising.

CapLinked’s secure platform is easy to use tools to manage complex business transactions. Also, the platform has the ability to instant message which allows two or more people to communicate directly within the system.

It has a simple dashboard to centralize all information about deals. The dashboard allows you to regulate access to documents. CapLinked’s dashboard comes with an email notification option, which lets users receive notifications whenever changes are made to files.

CapLinked dashboards allow you to see a complete listing of all notifications. It also lets users customize watermarking. It embeds information in the content to block it from being viewed by unauthorized parties. The owner can also be reached through this feature.

CapLinked’s dashboard has activities tracking that allows users to monitor document changes pages, page views and changes to permissions. It is possible to create customized filters for reports. Moreover, users can create automated alerts for colleagues. You can even name the users who have access to view and print the documents you have.

CapLinked’s secure platform allows clients to keep important documents safe in the secure data rooms. It allows users to edit deals and to create new ones. Users are able to control who’s allowed to view, download, and print documents. CapLinked is the ideal solution for large as well as small businesses.

CapLinked offers potential clients an opportunity to test the service for free. It is also endorsed by a variety of major media outlets.


A virtual data room allows users to share confidential documents safely with others. But, selecting the best virtual data space for your organization is essential. Below are some of the most effective options to think about:

ShareVault: ShareVault is a virtual data room service which offers safe document sharing. It also offers sophisticated security options and an in-built help desk. It’s very easy to install and modify. It works using Windows, Mac and Android devices.

ShareVault Pro: ShareVault Pro offers all of the functions of ShareVault Express, along with more advanced security options. It can be used using iOS or Mac. It’s a good choice for complex business deals. You can also have audit trails as well as granular authorizations.

ShareVault Express: Sharevault Express gives basic analysis as well as document organization. It’s a fantastic option for companies regardless of size.

ShareVault is a virtual data space that’s user-friendly and quick is accessible to anybody. It’s easy to use and offers an in-built assistance desk. You can also use the Q&A feature. It lets you manage collaboration between administrators of the company and other third-party end users. It also features an audit trail so that you can keep track of who accessed what documents.

ShareVault: ShareVault gives you a 7-day free trial. It offers flexible pricing, with a variety of licensing options. ShareVault offers 24 hour support for customers. Simple to deploy and set up.

ShareVault: ShareVault, a cloud-based virtual room system, is commonly known as. It includes an inbuilt help desk, as well as mobile apps. You can also use it with OneDrive and Microsoft Office. It is an excellent option for every type of company.

ShareVault: ShareVault has over 70 data room actions. These include page views and audit tracks, logins, modifications to pages pages, document pages as well as page views. The software also includes a color diagram of the data room.

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