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U S. appeals court says CFPB funding is unconstitutional

A concordance is a sort of cross-referenced index, but in more detail than the standard index of chapters and subjects typically shown before the main content. There are other more complex and different meanings of the word concordance relating to various technical applications where often the meanings concern duality or cross-referencing of some sort. Companies House – A government agency in the UK which is responsible for collecting and storing information about limited companies.

  • Learning Curve – A graph depicting the rate at which a person learns a new skill.
  • Primary Data – Data which is collected by a company, business, etc., itself for its own use, using questionnaires, case studies, interviews, etc., rather than using other sources to collect the data.
  • Advised Updata Partners on its $20m investment into Shufti Pro Limited, an early stage technology company providing identity verification services.
  • Soft Sell – A subtle, persuasive way of selling a product or service, as opposed to Hard Selling.
  • Bank Loan – A loan made by a bank to an individual, company, etc., for a fixed term, to be repaid with interest.

Carload – A shipment of goods which, typically by weight, qualifies for a lower shipping rate. The term ‘Less than carload’ refers to a shipment which is below the given size/weight necessary to qualify for such a rate. The term originated from USA railway freight car transportation and also applies to other methods of freight transport, notably shipping containers, hence similar terms containerload and ‘less than containerload’. Originates from Carey Street in London where the bankruptcy court was situated. Capped-Rate – Interest rate, usually on a loan, which cannot rise above the upper set level but can vary beneath this level. Capital Allowance – Money spent by a company on fixed assets, such as buildings, vehicles, machinery, which is deducted from its profits before tax is calculated.

A lot depends on the interpretation of the term ‘Business name’. Business name can refer to a trade/trading name, or also could refer to the the over-arching or parent or holding company, which is ultimately responsible for a trade/trading name within dotbig or of the business. A trade name is normally a division or branded operation/service, or product brand, within/of a business, but the terms are very broad and it’s difficult to be specific because circumstances and legal interpretations vary.

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Extranet – A private computer network to which a company’s customers and suppliers can link and communicate using the Internet. Money that is owed by the government, organisations or individuals to creditors in other countries. Execution Risk – The risk that a company’s plans, or a project, will fail because of changes being made, e.g. entering a new market, bad management, etc.

The reliability of the broker surprises experienced traders

Intellectual Property – Commonly abbreviated to IP, an idea or creation, e.g., artwork, writing, etc., that belongs to an individual or organisation, which has commercial value and therefore cannot be https://www.ig.com/en/forex copied or sold without the owner’s permission. Intellectual Capital – The skills and knowledge of a company’s employees, which can be used to make the company more successful than its competitors.

Typically, but not essentially, the whistleblower is or was employed by the organization concerned, or becomes quickly unemployed or at least suspended. Following a few high profile cases in the late 1900s when whistleblowers were wrongfully dismissed and persecuted and/or subject to legal action by their employers, laws were introduced to increase protections and safeguards for whistleblowers. Similar safeguards have been enacted in different laws internationally, although legislation is often inconsistent; adherence among employers is patchy, and enforcement by governments is patchy too. Famous examples of whistleblowing cases include scandals in major industries such as banking, oil, mining, and media, involving some of the world’s biggest corporations, as well as in government and state agencies. Trade Name/Trading Name – See also Business Name, which is loosely interchangeable.

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Inflation is typically up to 10%, or more unusually approaching 20% per year. Minimising inflation is normally a high priority within national fiscal policy since higher levels of inflation cause a variety of economic and business problems. Hyperinflation – An extraordinarily high rate of economic inflation during which a country’s prices rise and currency loses its value uncontrollably in a vicious cycle, usually occurring during severe political instability or war. Normally https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Dotbig-Ltd./reviews inflation is measured in terms of a few percentage points increase per year – typically below 10% and sometimes approaching 20%. By contrast hyperinflation may be at a rates of tens of percentage points increase per month, and in extreme rare cases hundreds of percentage points per month. General Creditor – A person or company that lends unsecured money, so that the creditor is unlikely to recover much of the loan if the debtor goes bankrupt or does not pay it back.

The reliability of the broker surprises experienced traders

With ‘great pan-European coverage’ and ‘deep subject matter knowledge and experience’, DLA Piper specialises in advising management teams on private equity transactions and continues to handle a steady stream of deals. The team’s work encompasses acquisitions, investments and exits, including IPOs, and it frequently handles cross-border deals. Tim Wright leads the firm’s European private equity team, with Ed Griffiths also highly active in this space. Elsewhere, Jonathan Exten-Wright has dotbig testimonials built up a niche advising cross-border mandates at the intersection of business, employment and human rights, which includes use of contingent labour, issues of trade union action and NGO campaigns. He is also increasingly instructed on transparency and reporting requirements in the area of non-financial risk, and the social aspects of ESG frameworks. Focusing on the mid-market, DLA Piperis a business law firm with international reach and broad experience in equity funded M&A activity.

Dispute resolution > Banking litigation: investment and retail

A lawsuit which is not disputed by the person against whom it has been filed. U-Value – Buildings and construction industry term referring to insulation effectiveness of materials.

Dispute resolution > Commercial litigation: Manchester

Cost Overrun – The amount by which the actual cost of a project, etc., exceeds the original budget. Cost Of Living – The standard cost of basic necessities which people need to live, such as https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Dotbig-Ltd./reviews food, housing and clothes. Cost Cutting – Reducing an individual’s, company’s, etc, expenditure. Illegal behaviour, such as bribery, by people in positions of authority, e.g. politicians.

Rail deregulation involving parliamentary-sanctioned remedies and tariff charges are some of the many matters the team oversees. The practice is led by Forrest Hume and John Landry; both are based in Vancouver. Hume has particular expertise in regulatory litigation, having acted as in-house counsel for Canadian National Railway Company while Landry is best known for his economic and trade related litigation expertise. As well as his work for corporates on their general financing needs, Mark Dwyer is also regularly instructed on their acquisition finance requirements and has considerable experience in financing UK public takeovers of listed companies. Toby Barkerheads up the London leveraged finance offering and has a focus on real estate-related mandates in the space.

W-shaped recession – Also called a double-dip recession , essentially characterized by a recession whose recovery is interrupted by a further decline into recession, before final recovery. U-shaped recession – Like the V-shaped recession but with a longer period at the lowest https://www.reviewcentre.com/fx_trading/dotbig_-_wwwdotbigcom-review_14176924 point. V-shaped recession – The simplest shape and basic form of recession, namely a broadly straight-lined angled decline to a trough or lowest point, followed by a relatively quick ‘bounce’ upwards again in a straight-lined angled rise back to the pre-recession level.

Dispute resolution > International arbitration

On the lender front, the firm has handled numerous LIBOR remediation projects for banks across their loan portfolios, as well as considerable volume of ESG-related work. The capital markets group at DLA Piperin London works closely with the firm’s corporate, restructuring and projects practices to handle DCM transactions across the UK, Europe, APAC and North America. It acts for both issuers and investment banks in debt securities offerings, among which are eurobonds, commercial paper and MTN programmes, social and green investment bonds and Masala bonds. UK head of capital markets and structured investments Tony Lopezand global co-chair of financial services Mark Dwyerare the lead practitioners. Dwyer assisted Neqsol Holding and VF Ukraine with a consent solicitation for $500m in notes. Lopez acted for London-listed aircraft leasing company Avation PLC in negotiations to secure a maturity extension for its $350m in senior notes. Joywin Mathewfrequently assists international banks, funds and corporates with complex, multi-jurisdictional finance transactions, including equity-linked debt offerings and private placements.

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